Types of Fixed Income Investments

Fixed income investing is a great way of making solid income from your money. This involves money being held up somewhere safe for a certain period of time and hoping to get it at a later date after it has matured and has been able to grow from the time you saved it. Investment is the best way to make your money grow or is the best way to try and get good source of income. A lot of people are depending on future on a financial basis.

Fixed Income Investment Types

Money Market Accounts

These are like savings account in that you can withdraw cash at certain times every month and they are different from the savings account because they have a higher interest rates and a higher minimum balance when opening the account.

Treasury Bonds

These require a minimum of around 1000$ investment. They are usually fixed and they mature after a period of more than 10 years. Interest is paid every half year and the income that the account holders receive is usually taxed because it is a lot of money.

Municipal Bonds

These bonds are supported by the local governments and are used to fund projects such as highways and schools together with hospitals which are very important for development of any country.

Coupon Bonds

These are bearer bonds that represent half year interest payments to be received until maturity. They are supposed to be presented to the issuer to receive their payments.


These are mostly used for retirement. They are investments where you deposit some sum of money and you are guaranteed a check every month and usually you are fined when you withdraw funds earlier than you are required to withdraw.

These are probably the best types of fixed income investments help out people and governments in a big way. They are very important and as stated earlier investments are the only way you can be guaranteed solid income either monthly or depending on how you normally receive your income. The income goes a long way in securing your future for you and your loved ones as well. A lot of people are setting up businesses and investing as a way to secure their lives financially. People are going as far as outside their own countries to go and invest. This is because they realize that investing has its rewards and you are guaranteed the best returns once things begin to flow.

The types of fixed income investments you choose depend on how you are ready to spend or even sacrifice. The only negative about all this is during inflation the value of the item invested on could lose value because of the state of the economy. During such times of inflation, it is important to move money into investments that will rise with the trend. Fixed money is just tied up and cannot move with the moving market, but money that is free to move makes it easier for you because it will follow the market trends and you will not be able to lose a lot. Always think big and you will find yourself satisfied and you will not have any issues at all.

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