Types of Guerrilla Marketing With Examples

Guerilla Warfare – Marketing by Any Means Necessary

By any means necessary. This is a phrase that people use when they will do any thing to get what they want. Guerrilla marketing can also be described using these terms, since professional marketing teams can do virtually anything to get their target audiences attention and increase sales.

With this being said, there are numerous stunts that have been used by both small companies and large corporations. One of which involved Burger King who decided to use Ronald McDonald as an advocate for their burgers. The strategy that they used consists of dressing up Ronald McDonald in a Burger king T-Shirt, and then placing large footprints that led people to straight to Burger King. In addition to paving the way to Burger king, they also placed signs along the same path that said, “Gone to Burger King — Ronald.”

While this may seem going too far some, this is an excellent example of what of guerilla marketing is, and how it can be used. In fact, not only was this stunt done under the disguise of guerilla marketing techniques, it was also a very successful stunt because it gained the notoriety of Asian consumers and was deemed as being extremely successful.

So, if the big corporations can get away with, all is fair in love and guerilla marketing warfare. While the advances in technology has opened up a wide array of different opportunities in virtually every sector of society, it is only fair that creative marketing teams can take advantage of the things that are available to them. Therefore, for those who are interested in shaking things up and make their competitors a little uneasy, here’s 3 techniques that small and large companies may want to use as a springboard.

Types of Guerilla Marketing

Technique #1 – Do Something Totally Outlandish and Creative in a Local Community

Small business owners have a hard time getting a new business venture off of the ground. In fact, marketing is one of the areas where most small businesses fail because they do not have a large budget to promote their brand. Fortunately, this is where guerilla marketing can help most, since it places an unknown business on the map in a few days. To accomplish these efforts, however, the new business owner will need to think of something that will gain national attention in a local area. It can be an action that is funny, stunning, a little insane but totally legal.

Technique #2 – Viral Videos

Nothing gets the attention of the masses more than an online video that goes viral. A business can get that first one-minute of fame, and millions can view it within minutes of a successful YouTube upload. The beginning of the marketing viral can start with YouTube, travel through Twitter and then attach this moving train or tornado to Facebook. So, if a business is going to use this strategy, it must be good.

Technique #3- Creative Bill Boards

Walking billboards can be an excellent marketing ploy. So another strategy involves producing a massive amount of company T-Shirts, while also creating an event that people will scramble to attend. This technique will give walking billboards another name, since these huge events can generate a lot of buzz, fun and advertisement.

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