Types of Hawaiian Flowers

There are millions and millions of flowers that add to the beauty of the Earth, and every region has it’s own set of flowers that add to the regional landscape. Hawaiian flowers are unique and special. They are popular for their color, beauty and fragrance. There are many types of Hawaiian flowers. A few are described below.

The Flowers of Hawaii


Hibiscus is one of the most common flowers in Hawaii. They are found in a variety of colors like pink, maroon, orange, red, white, purple and yellow. The yellow hibiscus is the official State flower. All hibiscus flowers are bright colored. The size of the flower may vary from 2 inches to 10 inches. The long stamen in the center is the highlight of hibiscus. The stamen consists of a stalk, anther and filament. It falls off within a day. The buds grow quickly and the flowers blossom for 6 months or more in a year.


It is a tropical flower with a sweet fragrance and unique beauty. It adds to the beauty of a garden. Plumeria flowers are in different colors and each one has a special fragrance that cannot be compared to other flowers. Plumeria flowers may have four, five, six or seven petals but most of them have five petals. Petal tips are usually rounded and rarely pointed. The petals are elliptical in shape. The flower looks like a pinwheel. The white plumeria with yellow rays in the center is the most popular among plumeria flowers because of their exquisite beauty. They look like a painting.


Orchids are the most popular flowers in the garden. Orchids bloom in many colors that include white, purple, orange, pink yellow and red etc. Orchid flowers resemble beautiful butterflies. The size of the flowers varies from small to large. They may bloom as a single flower. or as large number of flowers. Orchids have two whorls. Three sepals are found in the external whorl and three petals are found in the internal whorl. It looks like a six-petal flower but you can easily distinguish the petals from the sepals.


The flowers are very lovely and they bloom almost throughout the year. They come in wide array colors like white, red, orange, deep pink, purple and double colors like white and pink etc. The flowers are small and are white in color. There are two to three flowers in the middle and are surrounded by bracts. This gives the flowers a bigger look. It is the bracts that add to the beauty of the flower and the color to the flower. They are called as ‘paper flowers’ because the bracts have the texture of a paper. This tree is usually left to grow along the walls.


Anthurium plants are popular for its beautiful flowers and ornamental leaves. The meaning of Anthurium in Greek is ‘tail flower’. The leaves are attractive and have long stalks. The flowering stalk is surrounded by a cluster of uni-sexual flowers in the end. The flowers look heart shaped because of the ornamental leaf. It has a long spadix that looks like a horn. The flowers are small and bloom on the spadix. Red and shades of red are the colors of common anthurium but rarely the flowers may be white or purple or multicolored.

Popo Hau

This flower has its origin in China but is found in large numbers in Hawaii. It is also called as Japanese hydrangea. The flower is round in shape. It has multiple blooms. The blooms are rounded and look puffy. The flowers have a wonderful fragrance. This flower blooms in different colors but pink is the most common color. It is used as a cut flower and in bouquets. A single flower gives a beautiful look to a bouquet.

Bird of Paradise

As the name suggests, the flowers have the shape of a flying bird. The flower lasts for two weeks or more. It has blue colored petals and orange colored sepals. The leaf has a beak shape. They are one of the most exotic and beautiful flowers. The flowers come out from bracts that may be purple or red in color. The bracts are actually modified leaves. Two or more flowers emerge from each and every bract that gives a bird like appearance. The flowers are of bright colors like orange and yellow.


They may be in bright orange or yellow color. It has thin strand like petals. The petals look like rays of the sun. The center is yellow in color. It blooms as a single flower and is used by the natives for making lei.


Oahu flowers are yellow in color. They resemble hibiscus flowers but are smaller in size. They have five petals and a long stamen. They are just an inch wide. They are used for making lei. They are also popular for their medicinal properties.

Hawaiian Ginger

Ginger is popular as a spice. It is also popular for its medicinal properties. Ginger flowers are less known. They are beautiful and colorful. They are considered to be a symbol of strength. Ginger flower has an exotic smell and is used for making perfumes and scents. The blooms may be white or yellow colored.

Hawaii is the home of many more flowers known for their exotic beauty and smell.

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