Types of Love Psychology

The definition of love has created such a dilemma for psychologists to clearly define. This is mainly because love consists of so many things that may be present in some relationships yet lack in others. However lack of and the presence of these aspects does not change the fact that the people involved love each other.

Psychologist Robert Sternberg Came up with a triangle of love that show the three main aspects of love which are common in love relationships. These aspects are; romance, commitment and intimacy. Even if these are important for a relationship to be considered love based, some can have one, two, all or none of these. This is what led to the final conclusion that settled for these different types of love.

Consummate Love

This kind of love is known to have all the three major points of love in the love triangle. This type of love is common in people who are in love with each other and have dedicated their lives to each other. It is most common in newly weds or people involved in a newly established love that has just blossomed. This kind of love is considered to be the best and the strongest as those involved are ready to face whatever obstacle that comes their way. In most cases, this kind of love is likely to be fresh not having gone through challenges that are likely to shake its foundation.

Infatuation Love

This kind of love is between two people who are very attracted to each other. They enjoy each others company and enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship. This group of people has a strong emotional connection and is probably deep in love with each other. They may wish to spend all their time together and be happy. However, they do not have any form of connection that binds them together on a long term basis for instance marriage. If anything, they have never even discussed their future together or indulged themselves in plans that pertain to the future. Their relationship is passion driven with absolutely no commitment.

Empty love

This is the kind of love shared between two people who are committed to each other most likely in marriage or cohabitation. They have their future all planned out together and have each other included in their plans, goals and dreams. These two might confess that they love and care about each other just like people in any commitment should. However, they do not have an emotional relationship with each other. They are also not sexually or romantically attached to each other. Their feelings as far as coming together as one are flat. This kind of love results mostly after years of marriage whereby basic things such as friendship and intimacy have faded away taking with it romance and leaving behind an empty shell of commitment.

The word love is broad but a closer look at it will reveal the kind of love it is. All kinds of love tend to begin as consummate but many years of wear and tear will bring the love to the “empty love” section. It is therefore important for one to ensure that they guard all points of the love triangle to ensure that it stays afloat.

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