Types of Meat Thermometers

In cooking, a meat thermometer is essential to ensuring that the food you’re preparing is cooked through. This keeps the meat free from harmful bacteria and pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses which would have adverse effects to anyone’s health. It functions by measuring the core temperature of meat such as poultry, beef, lamb, pork and seafood to its specified degree of when the food is considered done. There are various meat thermometers that each have specific uses for different kinds of food. There are a lot of designs and features presented in the vast choices you would have when purchasing one. Here are the typical parts and features some meat thermometers have, as well as the available types and some great products you will find under the types of meat thermometers that you think suits you best.

Parts and Features of a Meat Thermometer


Meat thermometers have a metal probe possessing a sharp point which you push or probe into the meat to get its temperature. This part usually arrives in stainless steel for durability and waterproof properties.

Electronic Sensor

This feature may be used in a probe that will be injected into the meat, wherein it is also connected to a heat-resistant and flexible cable which comes out of the oven. This end is connected to the display and can even be set to sound off an alarm once your desired temperature is reached. Remote


A bimetallic strip which converts temperature changes into a mechanism rotates a needle towards to correct temperature on a dial. The dial indicates the internal temperature of your meat.

Digital Display

An output device that presents information visually is incorporated in the thermometer to show numerical figures of the temperature readings. This type requires batteries.


“Dummy” Markings

Some types have markings that serve as indicators of how the meat is done to a specified degree such as medium rare or well done. They also include markings with the safe cooking temperature for multiple types of meat making these meat thermometers nearly foolproof.


Meat Thermometer Types

Wireless Meat Thermomers

This kind of thermometer does not require the display to be close to the oven. The probe remains in the meat while you get real-time temperature readings that are transmitted through a receiver. Some have remote controls and some even talk. [Click here to see our post about the best wireless meat thermometers]


Programmable Meat Thermometers

Built with pre-set temperatures of meat which are programmed with the minimum cooking temperatures required according to recommendations of the USDA. You may also have this type programmed according to your preferences. With this type, you will not worry about overcooking food anymore.


Smoker Meat Thermometers

This type is designed for use in a smoky environment, typically when grilling and is perfect for barbecues. Some easily connect to any charcoal, wood fueled BBQ pit. Some come in wireless form too allowing you to monitor the meat you are grilling outdoors while you are actually indoor.


Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

A breakthrough in meat thermometers, some types come with a user-friendly app which you install on a compatible device, you will then receive alerts once your meat is cooked to perfection right on your smartphone. These thermometers are usually compatible with most iOS and Android devices and connect through bluetooth technology.


Instant Read Meat Thermometers

This very accurate and durable type of meat thermometer is used right after cooking. It instantly displays the temperature reading of your food once you insert it into the meat.


In-Oven Meat Thermometers

This can be stuck on raw meat and left sitting on it all the way in the entire duration of the cooking process. It will let you know how done you meat it inside the oven.


Pop-Up Meat Thermometers

This type of meat thermometer is already stuck in food before cooking. It utilizes a spring that is held in place by a soft material which eventually pops up once it reaches your desired temperature of the meat you are cooking. This is typically used for turkey and chicken.


Disposable Meat Thermometers

This is for one time use only and then must be disposed of. It is ideal for hamburgers and steak.