Types of Pink Flowers

Pink is a really beautiful color. It is loved for its softness and unique femininity. Flowers have also been known for their aesthetic value and undeniable charm. When you mix the charm of pink and the beauty of flowers, you get the perfect eye candy. Be it in your garden or indoors, a splash of pink is bound to inject life and color into the dullest of environments.

The Different Types of Pink Flowers

Rose thrifts

They are the best options for those who do not to fully commit to the pink flower. They grow in single ling tufts with tiny pink petals. This is contrasted by the thick green foliage giving a perfect backdrop for the garden. The green also enables the flower to grow together with other flowers of different colors without looking too exaggerated.

Raspberry Wine Bee Balms

They have bright blooms that are a rich combination of pink and red. They also give off a sweet fragrance that will fill your garden with graceful hummingbirds and butterflies.

Veronica Giles Van Hees

They will give you a garden that looks like something out of a fantasy. The bright pink blooms will attract birds and butterflies. They are also really tiny and have a resistance to deer, making them easy to maintain.

Apple blossom yarrows

They are perfect for chalets and country homes. They are also rabbit and deer resistant.


They have a certain air of elegance. Their ramrod straight stems give a certain attitude to the flower garden, and make for a great focal point to your flower garden. They come in varying shades of pink depending on the crossbreeding, so you can choose to go as dark or as bright as you wish.

Party Dress Anemone

This type of pink flower does not need any introduction. In the garden, their large conspicuous blooms hardly go unnoticed, especially in the fall when the rest of the garden is leaning towards demureness.

Dark eyes fuchsia

They have a beautiful color that borders between pink and purple. It makes a great companion for flower pots, as the flowers will drape over the garden yearning for attention.

Carefree beauty rose

This type is another great pink bloom. It blooms twice a year, both in summer and in the spring. It saves you a lot of money on pesticides as it has a high degree of disease resistance.

Rose of Sharon

Many know the sugar tip rose of Sharon, but it is a perfect addition to this group of flowers. The fact that it has been mentioned in the Bible for its beauty adds to its allure. It can grow really high, thus can be used as a hedge or even as the focal point in a flower garden.


They are loved for their numerous pink petals, in addition to a light airy fragrance that blends in with scents of other flowers. The good thing with peony is that when they are in full bloom, you can dry the petals and use them to make beautiful flower art.


They are loved by all. The Angelique tulip is even more appealing than all the other tulips put together. This is due to its double flowers, which are a beautiful soft pink. The Angelique blends in quite well with white daffodils, giving a unique visual appeal.

There you have our list of pink flowers. If we’ve forgotten your favorite, let us know in the comments.

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