Types of Purple Flowers

Flowers play a big role when it comes to decorations. There are different types of flowers depending on their colors. They also hold a special place in people’s lives. One of the common types is the purple flowers. In many cultures, purple color symbolizes royalty either in religion or other cultural aspects. Below are different types of purple flowers.

Purple Lilac

This is one of the most popular types of purple flowers with a strong scent that brings a lot of freshness during the spring season. It blooms in April and is associated with attributes such as confidence and youthfulness.

Purple Lily

This is another common flower that is a hybrid of two lilies i.e. the regal trumpet lily and more exotic or artificial Asiatic lily. There is also a variety of this flower referred to as the purple prince. It is characterized by its flowery texture and satin aspect that changes to a soft brown color when it grows.

Purple Daisy

This flower is also referred as western daisy because it is mostly found in the lower Mississippi basin. There are wide range of this flower used in weddings, for example, the royal purple, Han purple and orchid purple.

Purple Rose

Like the purple lily, this flower is a mixture of a variety of other purple shades. Studies have shown that this is one of the highly fragrant types of roses. It has been used for long as a royal and majestic symbol that demonstrates maternal or paternal affection, love or fascination at first sight.

Purple Orchid

This purple flower can stay in bloom for many months and is mostly used in Ikebana. It is viewed as an exotic and tropical purple flower type that comes in different shapes and colors. The most common type of this flower is Orchis mascula.

Purple Hibiscus

This is the best type of hibiscus. It also comes in different varieties with wide range of colors such as plum, lilac and violet. It is mostly used by people on occasions to lighten up their homes and gardens.

Purple Hydrangea

Purple hydrangea originates from the eastern region of Asia, specifically in Japan, Korea and China. It is the only type of purple flower with unusual color. It has many varieties that remain ever green when planted.

Purple Calla Lily

This purple flower also comes in a wide range of varieties like the others above. Some of the most popular ones are for the shades of lavender, amethyst and bright purple.

Purple Carnations

These are the rarest type of carnations. They are associated with unpredictable changes because they have predictable and spontaneous characteristics.

Purple Pansy

This is another type that is great during the spring season. They do well in areas that are well drained with partial sunshine. The only thing is that they last for a short time and are treated as biennials or annuals.


This purple flower has a sweet vanilla-tinged fragrance, and develops a dense purple head during the summer season. It is perfect for planting near your front door or window box so that you can enjoy their fragrance.

The above are the most popular types of purple flowers most of which are wild, exotic or tropical flowers.

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