Types of Red Flowers

In nature, red is encountered frequently in fruits and flowers. Strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and cherries are all colored red. Flowers such as carnations, roses, tulips and gerberas are colored red. Red is thought to be a color that stimulates passions and brings joy as well as excitement and desire in an individual. This article aims to list details about our favorite different types of red flowers that nature has given us.

Red Zinnias

Zinnias bloom in a wide range of colors including red. The flowers are annually cut and can grow in hot dry conditions. In fact, they need bright sunlight and well drained soil to grow well. They produce flowers during the entire summer season. Zinnias can be grown in beds and look beautiful when placed along with marigolds or cosmos.

Red Shirley Poppy

This is a red-colored annual flower that adds a lot of color to the garden. Whereas in the northern regions, the seeds are sprinkled during springtime, in the southern parts, they are planted during the fall. They need bright sunlight. But they can also grow in areas that have some shade and are moist. The soil should be well drained. They are usually planted with other flowers such as bachelor’s buttons or bluebonnet.

Red Rose

Thought of to be the most beautiful among flowers, red roses add a lot of color to a garden. They need lots of sunlight and adequate amounts of moisture. The soil needs to be well drained. They do not require too much of care during the growing periods. Pruning at intervals is important though. The bloom season of these flowers can be extended by planting them with peonies.

Red Celosia

This flower is used frequently in cut flower arrangements. It also dries well enabling it a place in dried flower decorations. This flower blooms throughout the summer season. It needs a full sun to grow well and soil that is well drained. It is usually planted with zinnias or white cosmos for a beautiful effect.

Red Peony

The plants bearing peonies grow for many years with practically no care. All they need is a bright sun. They are planted with irises in the garden and together they make a perennial combination.

Red Dianthus

Dianthus is a fragrant flower and this annual plant also sports attractive foliage. There are many types of dianthus flowers. The foliage makes them attractive even if the plants are not in bloom. They can be grown in containers. Dianthus is grown with plants that have silvery foliage such as lamb’s ear.

Red Tuberous Begonia

These grandiose flowers need well drained soil and shade to grow and bloom. They should not be given more water than necessary as they rot easily. Their foliage is attractive and they are planted with double impatiens flowers for the best effect.

Red Pentas

These flowers are most suitable for attracting butterflies. The plant grows easily and tolerates drought, humidity and heat. It needs a bright sun and well drained soil to grow well. The Pentas clusters look good when planted along with Lantana. Both these flowers attract butterflies.

Red Dahlias

These annual plants grow big flowers and form an attractive addition to the garden. They grow well in bright sunlight and when planted in well drained soils. In the garden they look best when planted with gladiolus.

Red Columbine

These perennial red flowers attract hummingbirds and they bloom for weeks. They need shade, adequate moisture and well-drained soil to grow well. They are usually planted with perennial white colored geraniums for the best effect.

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