The Types of Social Anxiety

types of social anxiety

Nearly everybody experiences anxiety differently in the whole world. Some people have manageable general anxiety while others often suffer from the profound anxiety attacks especially in social situations making it not dangerous to themselves but also other people whom they live with.

Psychologists have for many years created categories for the different types of social anxiety that has made it easy for people to understand the cause of problem at the same time coming up with the best ways to deal with the problem.

The following are the most common types of social anxiety that many people often experience;

Panic anxiety

People living with this condition often have terror feelings, which strike them suddenly and repeatedly without any kind of warning. They can also experience other symptoms of panic attack such as extreme sweating, palpitations also called irregular heartbeats, chest pain and a choking feeling that may make him or her feel like going crazy when amongst the people.

Obsessive-compulsive anxiety (OCD)

People living with OCD are most of the times plagued with constant fears or thoughts, which cause them to do certain routines or rituals. These disturbing thoughts are known as obsessions, and can sometimes be called compulsions. This may make them live solitary live while other may end up living single for the rest of their lives if the condition is not treated in its early stage.

Post-traumatic stress anxiety

This PTSD is another social anxiety condition that can develop after a traumatic or terrifying event, like sexual or even physical assault that led to the unanticipated death of a person, or a natural disaster. Most people who with PTSD most of the times have frightening and long lasting memories that can have negative impact on their behaviors as well as the relationship with their peers as well as the family members.

Proximity phobia anxiety disorder

This often associated with people who often overwhelming worry at the same time have self-consciousness on the everyday activities that they do. In addition, they also worry being on a fear judged by their friends or even the family members since most of them often see this as a source of embarrassment leading to their solitude live.

Specific phobia anxiety

This type of social anxiety often comes with intense fear on certain specific situation or object that people meet while in a social gathering or any kind of event. This level of fear is often inappropriate to any situation and can sometimes cause a person to avoid routine schedules in life to avoid embarrassments. In fact, some of these people may sometime counter react as the only way to deal with their situation making them very dangerous in the society.

Generalized social anxiety

The social anxiety often involves excessive, tension and unrealistic worry when a person is within other people when asked to do a particular type of job. This most of the time may make them do things on their own on fear of public opinion.

In conclusion, this information on the types of social anxiety will help you understand yourself if you have anxiety disorder.

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