Types of Stimulants

Drug stimulants act on a person’s central nervous system to enhance the brain activity. They boost the heart rate and blood pressure. The stimulants also increase the breathing rate, constrict the blood vessels, but they raise the blood sugar level.

People who use stimulants achieve a higher level of alertness. They become energetic too, and even euphoric. Stimulant drugs have various types, and they are addictive. There is a tendency for most people to abuse drugs. so knowledge and discipline must work together.

Legal Stimulants

Amphetamines – Drugs such as dextroamphetamine and methylphenidate are also popular as Dexedrine. They are legal in most regions. Most governments legalize these drug stimulants, but there are restrictions in using them. These drugs can only be consumed by people who have prescriptions from psychiatric and medical professionals. These stimulants are usually prescribed to people who are suffering from ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder.

Ephedrine – This naturally occurring stimulant drug is an extract from a plant called Ephedra equisetina. This drug is marketed as herbal supplement and as an asthma reliever. It lowers blood pressure and it is a nasal congestion treatment. Even if it’s a natural stimulant or supplement, it has the same structure as methamphetamine, but it has lesser effect on the central nervous system.

Caffeine – This chemical is found in kola nuts, tea, coffee, and cocoa. Caffeine stimulates the body’s central nervous system to make the muscles relax. The urine flow will increase too.

Nicotine – This stimulant is addictive. That’s why lots of people can’t stop smoking cigarettes. The American Heart Association states that the body will immediately react with the nicotine through increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Illegal Stimulants

Methamphetamines – They are strong drug stimulants and are manufactured illegally. They are usually bought as OTC medications. They occur as powders or crystals that are dissolved in alcohol or water before being injected.

Cocaine – It is another powerful stimulant that is illegally manufactured. Some people snort this powder to get high, while some dissolve the powder in water before injecting it into the body.

Crack Cocaine – This crystallized cocaine comes from the leaves of cocoa. Users heat this crystal before smoking it. The name crack is derived from the sound the drug created when being smoked. People can really get addicted on crack and they might probably suffer from psychological and physical damages.

Drug Users Must Be Responsible

Illegal or irresponsible usage of a drug stimulant can harm a person, and he can hurt the people around him. Most people know what illegal drugs are, but they still use them because they benefit from them. But it is risky for their physical and psychological being in the long run.

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