Types of Water Lilies

Water lilies are aquatic plants that occur in tropical and temperate parts of the world known scientifically as Nymphaeaceae. Water lilies are very beautiful to look at. This brings a more aesthetic value to the pond when they glow making the pond to be environmental friendly. When they grow in a pond, they aid in the general ecosystem of the pond as they spread across the water surface filling the whole pond with color as well as vibrancy as they keep the creatures in the pond healthy and safe to reproduce here.

They are very ideal for the well being of the pond as they keep the temperature cool in the hot summer. The block a lot of sunlight that makes the growth of algae under the water to be favorable. The shade that they produce makes sure that the fish get shade from them and the predators that may be looking for the fish cannot see them. Here is a list of the different types water lilies from the Nymphaeaceae family:

Mexican Water Lily

This is a native water lily that is found in the gulf coast in North America. This waterlily is currently planted all over the continent and it has escaped cultivation in some areas and it has become invasive. This water lily can invest in water bodies that are slow moving and they can be difficult to eradicate. In case the populations grow in a manner that is unexpected. It can be controlled through cutting of the top growth.

White Water Lily

This type of water lily is used as a national flower in Bangladesh as well used as a State flowers in India Andhra Pradesh. This water lily is thus of great value in this places and it is regarded with a lot of value as it’s a beautiful flower.

Blue Water Lily

This flower is regarded as a national flower in Sri Lanka and this makes it to be of more value as a flower. This flower is also regarded as the birth flower for the month of July. In the Tamil poetics, the blue water lily has a special place since it is a symbol that shows grief in case of separation. The flower is also used to evoke an image resembling the sunset, the shark and the seashore.

Types of Water Lilies By Climate

Water lilies are also classified to the climates that they glow in that include the hardy and the tropical water lilies:

Hardy water lilies – these kinds of water lilies grow in climates that are cooler and they flower during the daytime and they produce flowers that float on the water surface where they stand only above it.

Tropical water lilies – these types of water lilies prefer semitropical as well as tropical climates. They produce flowers during the night and the stand up to 30 cm. There are also night flowering ones that are in the tropical areas.

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