Types of Wedding Flowers

For many years, flowers and weddings have been inseparable. Many brides often choose to use wedding flowers to add that dramatic effect to their wedding to make it look classic. Here are some of our favorite types of wedding flowers.


The Mum is another simple white flower, which provides diverse petal layers. It has a stem that is stocky and can be inserted into a bridal bouquet foam easily or by tying its stems using satin ribbon or a simple lace. Mums are always found in white and some touches of yellow with shades of red, purple, and pink. Mums can represent joy, fidelity, and longevity.


Fresh Peonies can make an amazing bouquet, arrangement or a boutonniere for your wedding. Peonies are often dense, fragrant flowers, which are naturally in season in May, June and July. These symbolize honor and prosperity.


This wedding flowers always symbol of purity when used throughout the arrangements since they often wonderful touch to wedding. Tulips petal often come in different shapes, including feathered and oblong. Florists often try to offer white Tulips yearly by buying them from the nearby greenhouse growers.


The Orchid is another captivating and mysterious wedding flower. Through its single stem, these white Orchid varieties such as Phalaenopsis, often provide that hint of glamour as well as sophistication to centerpieces and bouquets. It always acts a symbol of beauty, purity, and virtue, the Orchid is always fitting for any kind of wedding arrangement.


Calla Lilies are often single stem flowers that have a broad base and are often used to increase bow for the bridal arrangements. It also symbolizes grace and beauty. This will always make your wedding amazing.


Another popular flower that is used for weddings. Carnations often have a sturdy stem that keeps them in shape when used in the bouquet or the centerpiece arrangements. Most of the wedding planners prefer using Carnations because it matches the bride’s colors during this special day as it also symbolizes pure love and beauty.

Narcissus Paper Flower

It has gained popularity for sometimes as it is used in wedding arrangements to add that beauty that most people often look for. The flower blooms often come in different white shades depending on your taste and preference and it symbolizes faithfulness.

Baby’s Breath

It is amongst the most common wedding arrangement flower that will give you that final touch to make your wedding remarkable. It is a symbolic merit of virtue.


This wedding flower often comes in a variety of shapes as well as petal sizes. It also symbolizes happiness and cheer, which is the perfect theme for any wedding.


White Roses often acts as a symbol of newness and purity in any weddings. Many brides often choose to use White Roses when compared to other options available in the market due to their beauty and taste that it adds to the weeding.

In conclusion, the above types of wedding flowers you will always have the best wedding.

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