Types of White Flowers

White flowers can often become the ‘eye candy’ of any garden as they sparkle among the diverse colors. There are many types when it comes to the options available in white flowers. This piece will focus on some of our favorite different types of white flowers and what they are all about.

White Hibiscus

These are one of the largest blooming flowers among ‘white flowers’ and tend to bloom around eight inches. This is extensive when it comes to comparing among white flowers and their blooming abilities. The burgundy center is not only appealing, but can attract butterflies leading to an even ‘prettier’ garden. At its peak, the white hibiscus can grow up to three feet in height.

White Poppies

The ‘oriental’ poppy tends to grow in the spring and can be a lovely sight for passionate gardeners. It can often die out during the heat of the summer and this is a concern for some. The roots can soak up the sun and situate themselves in the location and blossom for years. The mature height is estimated to be around 20 inches.

White Delphiniums

They are often known as the ‘black eyed angels’ because of their noticeable black centers. It can be a visual delight for those interested in seeing these flowers become the center piece of their garden. The delicate texture adds to the sight as it can grow up to 24 inches in height.

FiveSpot (Nemophila maculata)

The name for this flower comes from the purple spots that are seen around its border. They are five visible spots that are visible from a mile away with this annual plant. It is one of the fastest bloomers available to grow as it can adjust to differing soil conditions with ease. The mature height is listed at 12 inches.

White Phlox Flowers

The fragrance that emanates from this type of white flower is divine for the nose. The noticeable factors with the white phlox flowers come with their heads and the size of them. They are known to be around 5-6 inches when fully bloomed. The mature height for this plant is around 36 inches.

Casablanca Lily

Another addition to white flowers that provide delightful fragrances, the Casablanca lily is gorgeous. The blooms are large in nature and can be spotted from afar, which is wonderful for any garden. The mature height for this plant is between 36-60 inches dependent on growth and conditions.

Lily of the Valley

This is a type of white flower that has become noticeable in popular culture. It is another fragrant white flower that has a unique shape to its blooms. The ‘bell-shaped’ nature of the flower makes it stand out from the rest. The mature height is listed at 6-8 inches.

Immortality Iris

The appearance of this particular flower produces ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from admirers. It has a delightful cream colored finish to it that is charming to the eye. The best part about this flower is its ability to withstand damage from environmental conditions. The mature height is listed at 40 inches.

Bell Flower (White Clips)

This is a type of flower that tends to charm the hummingbirds into arriving depending on the location of the garden. This late spring plant blooms well as long as there is consistent maintenance of it through the year. The mature height is listed at 24 inches.

Brunnera (Mr. Morse)

This is one of the most highly recommended shade plants available. It has a gentle bloom that is pleasant to the eye and does not harm the garden in any way. The mature height is listed at 12-15 inches.

There you have some of our favorite types of white flowers. If you have a favorite that we haven’t listed, let us know in the comments!

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