Types of Yellow Flowers

Most of us perceive flowers to be the sweetest things on Earth. Flowers are gorgeous and adorable and their presence offers fresh ambiance. Yellow flowers are the best flowers you can ever have. They have a lot of significance such as strong feelings, happiness, platonic friendship and gladness. With such awesome qualities they are definitely inseparable from our lives.


They are available all year round and are characterized by single composite flower 3-8 across; they have abundant tubular petals and lasts for 7-14 days. A yellow chrysanthemum means secret admirer and slighted love.

Mahonia Aquifolium

The flower is also known as Oregon grape and it grows in California. The flowers appear in the early springs. The flowers are awesome and last for 7 to 10 days.


They are available in June through October. They are characterized by varying flower shape and size, composite blooms, long stems, daisy-like centers. They last for 7-10 days. Yellow dahlia signifies treachery, elegance and dignity.


These flowers grow in warm areas and are very popular and gorgeous due to their beautiful fragrance.


Available all year round and they are characterized by thin stem bear one-sided spikes flowers, tubular flowers that are one and a half long. They last for 7 to 10 days and they signify innocence, thoughtfulness and calm love.


They are available all year round. They are characterized by flat-faced daisy-like flowers. They may be single or double with light or dark centers and they last for 5 to 7 days. Yellow Gerbera means pretty, strong, enduring and purity.

Miniature calla lily

These flowers are characterized by spandex at the end of the stem, colored spates, long straight stems. Their lasting quality is 4 to 8 days. Yellow miniature calla lily flowers signify regal, magnificent beauty and are also associated with 6th wedding anniversary.


This is a very beautiful flower that grows in warm and humid areas. Their lasting quality is 7 to 10 days. Yellow orchids signify love, ecstasy and rare beauty.


The flowers are characterized by peppery petals. They may be single or double in form and their lasting quality is 3 to 7 days. Yellow Ranunculus signifies attractiveness or radiant charm.

Yellow rose

They are characterized by open buds. They last for 5 to 7 days and they signify beauty, love, perfection, passion and many more.


The flowers are available all year round and they are characterized by long petals-daisy-like flowers. They can be single, double or teddy bear. Their lasting quality is 7-10 days. They signify power, splendid, homage and haughtiness.


They are available on October and November through May. Their characteristics are 2-4 atop and 12-24 stems. They last for 3 to 7 days and they mean enchantment, beautiful eyes, variegated and awesome smile.


This is an eye catching flower that grows mostly in north and South America, eastern and central Asia and Himalayas. It grows in the late summers.


These are tranquil and soft serene flowers. They signify respect and compassion. Their muted hue of yellow daffodils flowers is a perfect setting for decorations.

Flowers are playing a very crucial role in enhancing nature’s beauty. Nothing can be better than charming yellow color and fragrance of these flowers. Every flower has its unique fragrance and value. In short, our world would be pale without these flowers.

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